"Agrocomplex Volzhsky" LLC

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The biggest supplier of tomatoes in Volgograd region



In 2012 the start had been given to a significant investment project aiming construction of greenhouse complex on the territory of Volgograd region. The chosen brand name perfectly corresponds to it. Products by brand name “Tomatof” are very well known among the citizens of Volgograd. Currently Agrocomplex Volzhsky LLC is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of tomatoes in Volgograd region.

High-tech greenhouse facility of 5th generation


Greenhouse facilities manufactured by KUBO company are well known as innovative greenhouses of 5th generation named  ULTRA CLIMA.

High-quality product. Only organic


We grow 100% high-quality vegetables. A wide range of varieties resistant to pests and diseases. We use effective bio protection methods to ensure pollination and product safety.

Clean means healthy


The health of our plants is ensured by non-stop control over hygiene and quarantine actions aiming protection against diseases development.

Agrocomplex Volzhsky LLC



 Greenhouse facility with the total area of 18 hectares is located in Sredneahtubinsky district of Volgograd region and is growing vegetables in all-year-round cycle.  The project is successfully fulfilled in the frame of Import Substitution Policy supported by Ministry of Agriculture and the Government of Volgograd region.